Consultation on Abolition of Personal Licences

Consultation on Abolition of Personal Licences The Government has launched a consultation on the future of personal licences today.  It is of the opinion that the current system of personal licences may not always be the most proportionate or effective way to ensure alcohol is sold responsibly.

The Government is consulting on:

  • enabling targeted, local alternatives to personal licences (Premises licence conditions as a local alternative);

  • revoking the requirement for personal licence holders to renew their licences every 10 years; and

  • the abolition of personal licences altogether.

Premises licence conditions as a local alternative

The Government’s proposal is that sufficient safeguards can be put in place via precise, enforceable and appropriate licence conditions thereby negating the need for personal licence holders.

To ensure that licensing authorities could use such conditions in a flexible and effective way the Government could maintain, and even strengthen, existing legislation in a number of ways:

  • it could keep the national benchmarks for training and criminal records checks; and

  • it could strengthen existing legislation in several areas (i.e. require all alcohol sales to be made or authorised by the DPS, rather than a personal licence holder, allow the police to object to a new DPS based on the crime prevention objective in general, rather than only in ‘exceptional circumstances’ etc.)

  • to make any conditions requiring training easy to enforce for the police and licensing authorities.

The consultation runs for eight weeks from 12 September to 7 November.