Consultation on proposals to lift certain lottery restrictions

Consultation on proposals to lift certain lottery restrictionsThe DCMS has launched a ‘fast-tracked’ consultation on proposals to lift certain restrictions that applies to certain types of lotteries. 

The consultation has come about through the Government’s “Red Tape Challenge” which has “…identified within the Gambling Act 2005 that there are rules that apply to certain exempt lotteries…which prevent, for instance, pubs from organising lotteries to raise money for charity without being able to keep the profits on food and drink.”

In brief: The Proposals

- Incidental Non-Commercial Lotteries - To allow incidental lotteries to take place at both non-commercial and commercial events.

- Private Society Lotteries - To allow private society lotteries to be promoted for any charity or non-commercial or non-private good cause (as opposed to being restricted to benefiting the cause to which the society is concerned).

- Work and Residents’ Lotteries - To allow these lotteries to be promoted for charity or other good causes by removing the “no profits” prohibition. (At the moment work and residents’ lotteries may not be promoted to raise funds for good causes. All the proceeds of a lottery must be used for prizes and/or the expenses of the lottery, leaving no profits.)

The consultation period will run for 6 weeks from 27 February to 10 April 2014.