Deregulation for Community Film Exhibitions

This week we reported that the Draft Deregulation Bill set out a proposal to exempt the exhibition of films in community premises.

Today, the DCMS has launched a consultation on deregulation for community-based film exhibitions.

The consultation document sets out two options;

1. To do nothing, and leave films as a licensable activity in all circumstances as at the present, or
2. To remove the requirement for a licence for film exhibition in 'community premises' where the exhibition (DCMS preferred option)

  • takes place between 08:00-23:00; and

  • is “not-for-profit”; and

  • takes place to audiences of 500 or less; and

  • is held in accordance with any age classification recommendations set by the BBFC, or where different, any age rating set by the Licensing Authority in whose area that exhibition takes place.

The consultation sets out the following potential benefits:

  • that community premises would no longer need to engage in time-consuming licensing administration;

  • that community premises would no longer need to pay for any of the associated costs from the licensing process;

  • that community premises would not be put off from hosting film activities when other entertainment activities that were previously regulated are deregulated under Government proposals; and

  • that community premises could be encouraged by the removal of bureaucracy to engage in film education work or to otherwise begin community screenings of positive social value.

The consultation closes on 28 August 2013