Government Response to Lotteries Consultation

Government Response to Lotteries Consultation The Government has today (8 July) issued a response to its previous consultation on proposed deregulation of Incidental Non Commercial, Private Society, Work and Residents’ Lotteries.


In its response, the Government has said it:


1. intends to proceed with lifting the restriction and allowing incidental lotteries to take place at both non-commercial and commercial events. The Government further intends to lift the restriction on the result of a lottery being made public while an event is taking place, to allow lotteries such as balloon races to raise funds for charity.


  1. intends to lift the restriction on small society lotteries to allow them to donate the proceeds to a charity of their choice.


  1. intends to abolish the requirement for specific information to be printed on the tickets for work and residents’ lotteries. However, the requirement for the ticket to be non-transferrable remains and the Government will ask the Gambling Commission, when it revises its guidance on private society, work and residents’ lotteries, to ensure the promoter of the lottery takes measures to make all players aware of this stipulation.


The Government will now proceed, via an appropriate legislative vehicle, with its recommendations to remove the restrictions from these particular lotteries to enable proceeds to be donated to charity although they did not give any indication as to when these changes are likely to take effect.