LA2003 Locally Set Fees Consultation Published

LA2003 Locally Set Fees Consultation PublishedThe Home Office has finally launched its consultation on locally set fees under the Licensing Act 2003 today.

This consultation invites views on a number of specific aspects of the regulations that will introduce locally-set fees under the 2003 Act. These are:

  • The future of the current variable fee “bands” based on the national non-domestic rateable value (NNDR) of the premises.

  • Whether the basis on which fees are determined should include new discretionary mechanisms to apply different fee amounts depending on whether or not premises are authorised to provide licensable activities until a late terminal hour and/or used exclusively or primarily for the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises.

  • If licensing authorities are able to apply different fee amounts, whether they should have further discretion to exclude certain classes of premises from liability for the higher amount.

  • The proposed cap levels that will apply to each fee category.

  • What guidance will be needed on setting fees and on efficiency and the avoidance of “gold-plating” (by which we mean activities that go beyond the duties of the 2003 Act and are not justified by proportionality).

  • Whether there should be a single annual fee date.

  • The transition process to locally set fees.


The consultation runs for eight weeks from 13 February 2014 until 10 April 2014.