LGA Call for Comprehensive Licensing Law Reform

LGA Call for Comprehensive Licensing Law ReformThe Local Government Association launched it vision for licensing reform at its annual licensing conference today (4/2/14).

Its report, Open for Business: Rewiring Licensing, the LGA stated that the current licensing system is split across too many different Whitehall departments leading to uncoordinated and overlapping requirements.

It also claimed that the current system is outdated with businesses and councils having to negotiate a licensing system that is inflexible, complex and places unnecessary costs and burdens on both.

Reforms set out by the LGA include:


  • A major overhaul to scrap obsolete licensing laws and an update to the remaining laws so they work more effectively;
  • Allowing businesses to go through a single application process leading to a single licence tailored to their business;
  • Introducing new powers to withdraw licences for non-compliance, which would remove the need for bureaucratic renewal process and lead to a simpler ‘licence for life’ principle;
  • Government delivering on their commitment to localise alcohol fees;
  • Introducing new licensing objectives to help councils tackle clustering on high streets and protect public health; and
  • Enabling councils to adopt local licensing systems to reflect new and emerging risks.