PASS Re-launched

Pass Re-launched Today saw the re-launch of PASS the Proof of Age Standards Scheme.

The scheme, supported by the Home Office, Trading Standards Institute, Security Industry Authority and ACPO, is widely accepted by retailers and service providers of age restricted products.  However, its acceptance as a credible form of age verification has declined over the years mainly due to the number of different designs issued by the wide number of card providers that PASS endorse.  In essence, each provider used its own PASS card design with the only constancy being the PASS hologram.

PASS recognised this has being problematic and today re-launched the scheme with a standard PASS card design.  The new card will, on the whole, have a standard design but allowing a small section on the top right hand corner for the card provider to add their logo. New PASS Design

According to APCO the new standardised PASS Card will:

  • Be easily recognisable;

  • Provide retailers confidence they know the age of the person requesting their product or service;

  • Ensure effective practice of Challenge 21 and Challenge 25 schemes;

  • Reduce the number of valuable documents, driving licenses and passports being lost within the night time economy and the associated fraud that can result; and

  • Prevent young people coming to harm.

With the re-launch PASS hopes the new standard design will promote the scheme as the national standard and encourage those who have rejected in the past to take it up again.