No to “chugger” bye-laws & yes to voluntary agreements - GovernmentLocal Government Minister Brandon Lewis today (25 June 2014) declined a request from Birmingham City Council to regulate all face-to-face fundraising in the city through a local byelaw.


Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) (Amendment) Order 2014The draft amendment order, the Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Licensing Conditions) (Amendment) Order 2014, has been published that will bring into effect amendments to the

As part of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge, the DCMS has identified gaming machine notifications as a licensing process that can potentially be subject to deregulation.


Gaming Machine Notifications

Certain licensed premises are automatically entitled to offer up to 2 category C or D gaming machines but must first inform the licensing authority, provide certain information and pay a £50 fee.


Cautions and “minor” convictions to disappear from DBS ChecksThe Supreme Court has handed down a very important ruling with regards to the disclosure of police cautions and minor convictions.  The Court ruled that the disclosure of cautions and/or minor convictions would be incompatible with human rights legislation in England and Wales.


In particular, the ruling affects those applying for certain kinds of jobs involving work with children or the vulnerable.

A new landmark taskforce, being setup and chaired by the LGA, is being in an attempt to address concerns around high street betting shop clustering and the harm caused by Fixed Odds Betting Terminal machines.


Many readers may be aware of Innsatiable in Farnham, a business primarily trading in furniture but where you can get “free” beer.  For many years Innsatiable traded in this manner without an alcohol premises licence.

Business owner, Mr Atkins, said, "If they want to buy a beer mat they can buy a beer mat, if they want to buy our furniture they can buy our furniture."

Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe has today introduced in the House of Lords a Private Members’ Bill, the Licensing Act 2003 (Amendment) Bill.


The Bill seeks to make provision for the addition of a public health objective to the Licensing Act 2003.


Revised Magistrates’ Court Fines and LicensingThe Government has recently announced plans to revise Magistrates’ Court fines by raising the maximum limits in relation to the standard scale for fines.  The table below sets out the current and proposed future levels:

Scale Level

Maximum fine - current

Pass Re-launched Today saw the re-launch of PASS the Proof of Age Standards Scheme.

Revised S.182 Guidance Issued Following the coming into force of the Licensing Act 2003 (Mandatory Conditions) Order 2014, the Home Office has issued revised statutory guidance today.


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