Private Hire

Another Council forced to refund taxi to make sure you advertise your fees properly on Licensing ResourceHyndburn Borough Council has agreed to

R (on the application of Wilcock) v. Lancaster City Council In this case consideration was given to the scope of s.68 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 and its relationship with s.60 of the Act.  

Government respond to Law Commission Review of Taxis and Private Hire Licensing Law Reform The Government’s response gives a broad indication of their position on the various issues raised in the consultation document and identifies areas where it consider that the Law Commission could usefully carry out further investigation or consideration before reaching a conclusion.

The Law Commission published an interim statement following its consultation relating to Taxi and Private Hire Services. The statement outlines the key decisions the Commission have reached following consultation, but before publishing the full final report and proposed Law Commission draft Bill.

Taxi & Private Hire Law Reform

Update March 2014: Law Commission has confirmed there will not be a draft bill until May 2014.


Private Hire

Private Hire vehicles, drivers and operators were first licensed in 1976 and are different from Hackney Carriages. Private Hire vehicles, unlike Hackney Carriages, cannot ply for hire or be hailed down.  As the name suggests, these types of vehicles and drivers must be pre-booked and dispatched by a licensed Private Hire operator.

Private Hire

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