Cautions and “minor” convictions to disappear from DBS ChecksThe Supreme Court has handed down a very important ruling with regards to the disclosure of police cautions and minor convictions.  The Court ruled that the disclosure of cautions and/or minor convictions would be incompatible with human rights legislation in England and Wales.


In particular, the ruling affects those applying for certain kinds of jobs involving work with children or the vulnerable.

Is a phone app also a taxi meter? Readers may be aware of the ongoing issue in London to do with the Uber app and associated taxi trade uproar.

In fact so incensed are the taxi trade in London that one of Hailo's offices (another similar app) in the City was graffitied during a protest earlier this month.

What is Uber?

James Padden, Head of Taxi and PSV Regulation Branch of the DfT, has written to “Taxi and private hire stakeholders” advising of changes to taxi and PH legislation which are being proposed in the Deregulation Bill


These being:


Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles ‐ “Informal” DfT Targeted ConsultationOn the 7th of January the Department for Transport (DfT) sough views from a select few (7) organisations on a number of proposals to amend the law relating to taxi and private hire licensing.  

The 10 day consultation sought views on the following proposals:

Licensed Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Mandatory CCTV BillA private members Bill, Licensed Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles (Closed Circuit Television) Bill, has been introduced by the MP for Bedford seeking to require the installation of closed circuit television (CCTV) in all licensed Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicles and to establish a minimum standard for such installations.

Breach of procedure not fatal to prosecution - Aylesbury Vale DC v Call a Cab Ltd.In an eagerly anticipated judgement that will provide great relief to licensing authorities up and down the country, Mr Justice Ouseley and Lord Justice Treacy ruled that a single breach of a procedural requirement upon which a prosecution depends does not automatically mean that prosecution will fail.


Aylesbury Vale District Council – High Court Appeal AllowedIt was reported today (12 November 2013) that Aylesbury Vale DC successfully appealed against a Magistrates’ Court decision to dismissed the council’s case against an unlicensed operator. 


No Draft Taxi Bill this yearThe Law Commission has confirmed that due to “administrative reasons” there will be a delay in publishing its draft Taxi Bill.

An independent report into child sexual exploitation commissioned by Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council has called on the council to join with other local authorities and appropriate agencies to seek clarity at a nation

Another Council forced to refund taxi to make sure you advertise your fees properly on Licensing ResourceHyndburn Borough Council has agreed to


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